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C&J Sweeping, Inc. is proud to offer the latest in infrared asphalt repair technology and techniques.
With the infrared restoration process almost any asphalt damage can be repaired to nearly like new conditions. In addition, this can be done in a fraction of the time and much more permanently than with the conventional removal and replacement of cold asphalt.



C&J Sweeping’s Infrared Repair System is Perfect for:

  • Paver Seams
  • Potholes
  • Redirecting Water Flow
  • Trench Repairs
  • Utility Openings
  • Bumps and High Spots
  • Man Holes
  • Storm Drains
  • Speed Bump Installation
  • Oil Spots
  • Rough Surfaces
  • Handicapped Ramps
  • Pavement Texturing
  • Bird Baths (Puddles)
  • Surface Cracking (Oxidation)

Pot Hole Repair

We’ve all hit them. And that’s why we fix them so they’ll stay fixed!

When it comes to asphalt repair, C & J Sweeping offers the latest, state-of-the-art infrared patching technology. Our infrared techniques offer a win/win for everyone, since patches are much more durable, smoother and longer-lasting when applied by C & J’s infrared repair team. Plus, because we conduct repairs with high-temperature infrared equipment, there is no uneven seam around the repair area to trap water and create cracking like with standard patching. And, because only the top few inches are disturbed, there is virtually zero settling due to ongoing compaction.

At the same time, because of the efficiency of infrared, we can provide our customers with what is typically a lifetime repair at a competitive price to old-fashioned cold patching methods. And, infrared repair is much more environmentally-friendly, since much if not all of the old asphalt can be incorporated into the repair.

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